Control Units

At Nobø, we believe in freedom to choose and a tailor made solution to your needs. That is why all our panel heaters are delivered without a control unit. Our NCU Control Units fits any Nobø Panel Heater and ensures you will always have the best performing electrical heating system on the market.

Modern connected technology

Have you ever experience your old panel heaters can’t keep up with sudden outside temperature drops? This is because the thermostat can’t keep up. Make sure you buy panel heaters with an accurate and modern thermostat. Nobø has solved the problem by creating the most exact thermostat on the market. This is why Nobø panel heaters always gives the desired indoor temperature regardless of changing outdoor temperatures.

Nobø panel heaters with NCU control units installed are Ecodesign compliant. Control units with radio receiver (R) must be used with Nobø Hub to be Ecodesign compliant.