The Nobø Concept

A comprehensive solution to smart heating

What is the Nobø Concept?

The Nobø Concept is an entire electrical heating ecosystem developed for full control of your indoor climate. High-quality panel heaters, a wide range of underfloor heating products, smart thermostats and clever accessories like the Sense open window sensor all work together to save money while never compromising on comfort.

It is all possible because of the Nobø Hub, a connected control hub for your home that allows all components to work in unison, simplifies setup of weekly heating programs and makes remote control a breeze. Everything is at your fingertips with the easy to use Nobø Energy Control app.

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Med Nobø Energy Control på din mobiltelefon eller tablet har du full kontroll på ditt hjem.
Med Nobø Energy Control på din mobiltelefon eller tablet har du full kontroll på ditt hjem.
Med Nobø Energy Control på din mobiltelefon eller tablet har du full kontroll på ditt hjem.

Control your devices

Depending on your needs, the Nobø Concept and Nobø Energy Control app allow you to control Nobø products like Panel Heaters and Underfloor Heating.

Class leading products in the forefront of technology

Nobø panel heaters are best in test in Norway’s leading popular tech web site’s big test of smart panel heaters. With a more than 100 year history in manufacturing, Nobø is the leading innovator in electrical heating and heat control.

The Nobø Concept is the simplest way to make sure your home and heating is connected and that all components will work seamlessly together. For Nobø, this is simply not enough. That is why our app is easy to use and has intuitive menus for setting up weekly heating programs. This can save up to 25% on your electrical heating bill while still making sure your home is warm when you need it to be.

Remote controlling your home or holiday home is convenient and adds a new level of flexibility. Going home from work after lunch? Simply turn on the heat in the app. Suddenly decided to go to the holiday home for the weekend? No problem, use the app and turn on the heat for the whole building or selected zones. The Nobø Hub works even if internet connection is down and will follow the set weekly program unlike some Wifi solutions.

Nobø has created a complete eco system of electrical heating products including panel heaters, underfloor heating, smart thermostats and clever little details such as the Nobø Sense. With all components working in perfect harmony you can rest assured your home has the best electrical heating system on the market.

Full control with test-winning products

Our test winning heating system Nobø Energy Control connects panel heaters and underfloor heating like no other system before.

However, we have taken care to allow for easy control and synchronizing of the system even without using the app. Override zones easily on the NTB-2R room/floor thermostat, the Switch in-room override switch or directly on connected panel heaters with NCU 2R control unit.

Other connected devices in the same zone will automatically synchronize to the same setting.

The Nobø Concept puts you in control.