Nobø Hub

Nobø Hub

Key features
The Nobø Hub is the heart of the best-in-test Nobø Energy Control smart heating system. Be in total control of your panel heaters, underfloor heating and other appliances with the intuitive and comprehensive Nobø Energy Control app.
  • Test-winning solution for electrical heating
  • Wireless communication with all connected devices
  • Easy to use app
  • Perfect for remote control of holiday homes
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Full description

Full description

Reducing energy consumption has never been easier and there is no need to compromise on comfort. Set weekly heating programs in the app and make sure you only heat rooms that are in use and only when you need to. Should there be a need to override the weekly program, this is easily done either in the app or on the clever Nobø Switch on-wall control panel.

With the Nobø Hub your panel heaters and electrical underfloor heating work in total harmony. But there is so much more to this heating control solution. The Nobø Sense work to detect open windows and set your heating system into standby mode if connected windows are open.

Also, the battery powered Nobø Switch allows system mode changes directly on your wall. Use the Nobø Hub to remotely control your home or holiday home over the internet. This adds a new level of flexibility and only requires an internet connection. A modern home needs a smart control system. The Nobø Hub with its unique user friendliness and functionality is the perfect solution for your smart home.

This is how Nobø Hub works:

Step 1 - Create zones in the house using the Nobø Energy Control app.

Step 2 – Add units to control with an automatic search using the app (we recommend finishing one zone, before moving on to the next). Add names for each product, such as Panel Heater Bedroom.

Step 3 - Create a weekly program for each zone under zone settings.

An example of an important zone in your home is the bedroom. The need for heating in the bedroom is usually during the morning before you wake up. Set your own weekly program and only heat a room or zone when you need. The system automatically turns down the heat when it is not needed.

Technical Specifications

Product Identification
Product model number 11123610
EAN 7030690038628
EL Number
Weight (kg) 0.10
Packaging Information
Packed Depth (mm) 230
Packed Height (mm) 420
Packed Width (mm) 380
Packed Weight (kg) 0.10

Manuals & Guides

Instruction manuals
hub 802124 i user instructioin 081021019.pdf
Jun 1, 2021
(3.94 MB)
Product Datasheet
Declaration of Conformity
11123610 - nobo hub switch sense doc energy control 20151002.pdf
Feb 24, 2020
(123.78 KB)