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Panel Heaters

Nobø has a more than 100 year long history and is known around the world for high quality electrical heating products. As an expert brand within electrical heating, Nobø has sold more than 20 million panel heaters world wide.

blue clip on glass
blue clip on glass
blue clip on glass

Panel heaters designed for the Nordic Climate

Through rigorous testing and extensive experience, our panel heaters are made to endure the rough climate of Norway. The Norwegian climate is cold with never-ending changes of weather, so of course our panel heaters have to keep up. This is why Nobø Panel Heaters is the perfect match for any room.

Nobø panel heaters has the most accurate thermostat on the market. This means they are able to maintain the set indoor temperature even with sudden changes in outdoor temperatures. Lower quality panel heaters will not be able to pick up on this change of temperature properly, while Nobø panel heaters ensures you remain warm and cozy.


Class leading Panel Heaters

The classic Nobø Front and the modern, Scandinavian design Nobø Top fits any home, but why not upgrade? The innovative Clip On Glass fits Nobø Top panel heaters and turns it into a clean, glass-front design element. Available in Anthracite Grey, White and Retro Blue, Clip On Glass is the perfect upgrade for your home.

Nobø Top and Nobø Front has a class leading standby-effect of 0,5W, making it the most energy efficient panel heaters on the market. Choose between five different control units for optimum performance in any installation. Local control units have adaptive start-up and weekly timer for a traditional heater, while radio controlled units work with the Nobø Hub for a test-winning heat control system.

Nobø Panel Heaters with NCU Control Units meets the requirements of the Ecodesign directive. For radio controlled units, Nobø Hub must also be used to be Ecodesign compliant.