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Nobø Switch Control Panel
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Nobø Switch Control Panel

Nobø Switch Control Panel

Nobø Switch is a control panel developed for easy local override of the Nobø Energy Control system.

  • Easy local override of Nobø Energy Control
  • Wireless communication
  • Battery powered
  • Four default settings

FREE delivery* on orders over £50
FREE delivery* on orders over £50


The Switch is easy to operate and immediately sets the system into Comfort, Away, Night or Weekly heating program mode with one simple push of a button. Nobø Switch also has an integrated temperature sensor, making it possible to read the temperature in the Nobø Energy Control app. Nobø Switch can also work as a temperature sensor for panel heaters within the same zone.

Technical Specifications

EL Number
Product Identification
Product model number11123612

Manuals & Guides

Installation diagrams
PDF icon 11123612 - nobo switch sw4 user guide 802133.pdf
February 24, 2020
Download pdf
Declaration of Conformity
PDF icon 11123612 - nobo hub switch sense doc energy control 20151002.pdf
February 26, 2020
Download pdf